Class Project


Love Relationships


Sara Echeverry Angel, Alejandra Molano, Juliana Sanchez Mosquera, Camilo Andrés Rodríguez Casas, Christian Urrego and Catalina Zabala Rodríguez


Camilo Andrés Rodríguez Casas (Brand and UX)

It is a mobile application that allows couples to create a relationship backup from their learnings and reconciliation moments. They can upload photos, music, notes, videos that proof of the solution to a couple-problem.

LOVELAB proposes a parallel of scientific experiments method and uses it to further the development of conflicts in a relationship. As their main aim, it tries to rebuild the relationship story taking into account common memories to have an offset point that lets couples solve fights and enhance constructive dialogue through the remembrance of past knowledge.


Lovelab delivers an analogy of the Scientific Method to build and boost the user experience in the application. Each of the pages of the application displays one of the steps of the scientific method and drives the user to test their methods to resolve their different conflicts through test, failure, and learning.

_01 Question

Express a question that covers the whole topic.

_02 Search

Execute a deep search in the previous investigation in the databases available.

_03 Hypothesis

Build a hypothesis that reflects the possible cause and answer to the problem question.

_04 Experiment

An experiment is performed that aims to solve the problem and react to the hypothesis.

_05 Develop

Corroborate if the different tests of the experiment solve or not and answer the question.

_06 Analysis

The showed data is analyzed to verify and attach the respective conclusions.

_07 Diffusion

The outcomes are shared to be searched in the future if they have new questions.

_01 Principal

Find pending and completed discussions, the profile, settings, and a search box.

_02 Problem

Upon entering in the “Action” option, a screen is displayed to describe the new problem.

_03 Arguments

Write their arguments in front of the problem.

_04 Solutions

After writing the arguments, each of the couples writes their hypothesis.

_05 Experiment

Ensayar las posibles soluciones para ver si resuelven el problema, deben subir fotos, videos o notas.

_06 Help

After having several reports, when writing the problem, the "Help" option appears if help is needed.