U Currency

Helping us. Helping you. Helping the neediest.

We understood the importance of preserving our history and helping others, without affecting our follower's finances. U Currency is the step forward for our catholic faith to make us stronger and bigger. Visiting and creating content in all our places not only give you money as a reward, but you are also contributing to the maintenance of our culture, and helping the most needed, growing our followers and faith worldwide.


Create content. Improve your finances.

Each visit and content you create, generates U currency that we use in stocks to improve your finances. Its like air, you just earn it.


Help us preserving our places.

Once we have your currencies, we speculate in stocks and use a small percentage of the money to improve our places worldwide.


Give back to the neediest

And we also have U currency to help people in Africa and Asia. Each place you visit, allow us to use 15% of the money to help them, growing up the Unumers of the future.