Class Project


Love Relationships


Sara Echeverry Angel, Alejandra Molano, Juliana Sanchez Mosquera, Camilo Andrés Rodríguez Casas, Christian Urrego and Catalina Zabala Rodríguez


Camilo Andrés Rodríguez Casas (Brand and UX)

LOVELAB is a mobile application designed to help couples strengthen their relationships by creating a backup of their learnings and reconciliation moments. With LOVELAB, couples can upload photos, music, notes, and videos as proof of the solutions they've found to problems they've faced together.

The app uses a scientific experiment methodology to explore and develop conflicts within relationships. By reconstructing the couple's story and highlighting common memories, LOVELAB provides a starting point for constructive dialogue and helps couples navigate future disagreements with past knowledge. The goal of LOVELAB is to enhance communication and understanding between partners, ultimately strengthening their bond.


Lovelab uses the Scientific Method to guide users through resolving conflicts in their relationships. Each page corresponds to a step in the method, encouraging experimentation and learning. This structured approach helps couples strengthen their relationships through thoughtful problem-solving.

_01 Question

Start by formulating a question that covers the whole topic.

_02 Search

Conduct a thorough search of available databases and sources to gather relevant information.

_03 Hypothesis

Based on the information gathered, develop a hypothesis that reflects a possible cause and answer to the problem question.

_04 Experiment

Design and execute an experiment that aims to solve the problem and test the hypothesis.

_05 Develop

Evaluate the results of the experiment to determine whether the problem has been solved, and whether the hypothesis was correct.

_06 Analysis

Analyze the data collected from the experiment to draw meaningful conclusions.

_07 Diffusion

Share the outcomes and conclusions, to inform future research and help address any new questions that may arise.

_01 Principal

The main page displays pending and completed discussions, user profile and settings, and a search box.

_02 Problem

To start a new discussion, click on the "Action" option and describe the problem.

_03 Arguments

Write your arguments in support of your position on the problem.

_04 Solutions

Each couple writes their hypothesis for how to solve the problem.

_05 Experiment

Experiment with the possible solutions by sharing photos, videos, or notes.

_06 Help

If needed, the "Help" option will appear after several reports have been submitted while writing the problem.