_Camilo Rodríguez

_Camilo Rodríguez

Bogotano (gentilic of people who born in Bogotá) and Santafereño (demonym of people who follow the soccer team Santa Fe).

I’m curious, always proactive to learn something new all the time.

I love challenges, no matter if I fall in the process. There is no better feeling than overcome them.

Uncertainly is shocking but delightful, only in those moments born best friends and unbelievable ideas.

I’m always ready to help others, offer and habit their thoughts.

More than talk I like to hear. There are thousands of exceptional stories ready to hear, discover and learn.

Human-Centered Designer, researcher and no so far a truly entrepreneurship.

I love design proposals that empower and impact stakeholders in the design process. The best sensation ever is when you improve people's lives in any aspect. Assign sense and meaning to life experiences from who we design.

Design is give a little bit of you and learn a few other life experiences. The challenge is to understand that although they may be common, we can make them exceptional.

I always do my best and I try to have the best result. I think is the reason for my extreme emotional connection with my group members and the stakeholders.
UX/UI Designer (Actual)
Licify S.A.S

1. Design and redesign Licify products. It includes making a diagnosis of the actual product to determine their quality, and understand new opportunities to create improvements taking into account a human-centered approach.

2. Define, characterize and understand new and actual users, identify personas, understand behaviors, aspirations, and motivations.

3. Realize the design processes to improve Licify product. It includes defining product and function structure, wireframes, services, and the whole product strategy.

4. Use design tools to create task flows, wire flows, user flow charts and low and high fidelity prototypes that help to enhance the creation of new improvement to the product.
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Research and Creation Assistant
Housing Perspectives
University of the Andes

Research and Creation Assistant
Urban Perspectives
University of the Andes

Research and Creation Assistant
Narrative Conversations
University of the Andes

Course Monitor
Innovation Workshop Course
University of the Andes

Organizational Innovation




Volarán | 2018
Coffe Masters Thesis
University of the Andes

University of the Andes

University of the Andes

High School
Media and Basic
Gimnasio los Andes

Native Speaker
Profesional English B2

_Extra Habilities
Photography, Collage, Wood, Procesing, Agriculture.

Juan Manuel González
Assistant Professor
University of the Andes
+57 (310)422-89-920

Harold Casas
LATAM Account Manager
+57 (300)203-29-40