MA Project Design for Play


Play & Playfulness


Camilo Rodríguez, Linea Oxholm & Jorge Villar

It is a mobile application that helps people to relax their thoughts and enjoy their shower experiences. Through 3 different types of stories: meditative, imaginative and dilemma, we target different aspects of peoples shower thoughts, and a set of playful sponges that boost the experience.

Showie enhances the natural break that is taking a shower. A break that a lot of people need in times where we get more and more busy and have less time for breaks.


Showie is based on shower thoughts, which refers to all the thinking that occurs during the time that we take showers. We understood that the shower is a place with sensorial restricctions in which creativity are boost and let people mix outer and real situations with inner and fictional thinking. At the end of the research we divided the shower thoughts in 3 approahes: Rational, Meditative, Irrational.

_Inner World

Real situations that people experienced in their daily life. Usually related with experiences, feelings, behaviours, people and objects that surrounds a main character.

_Outer World

Real situations mixed with fiction. They can be rational and based on a real situation that the character experienced or irrational and related with unreal experiences.


Realistic fiction, Centered around feeling, Deals with senses and sense of self & Makes you be present in the moment.


Mindfulness and wellbeing, Centered around feeling, Deals with senses and sense of self & Makes you present in the moment.


Fairytale/fantasy traits, Centered around actions, Deals with imagination and humor, Makes you reflect over moral.


Friendly and approachable aesthetic to in a way work around the taboo of mental health in a more subtle and easy going way. We have used the characters as storytelling tools to engage people, easily connect with their emotions. Using the 'tell us your mood function', users can find the perfect sound for take a shower based on their atual mood.