Alpina Productos Alimenticios




I+D+I (Investigation + Development + Innovation)


Camilo Rodríguez, Remedios Perez, Laura Navarro, Karen Osorio, Santiago Corrales y María Conchita Rozo

Organizations as Alpina have been reaching profit for a long time under traditional models of growth. But nowadays, Start-Ups are performing greater benefits with exponential models. A conventional company needs to resemble and build exponential innovations that lead the company to a better future.

UAPI is a thinking model that seeks to take advantage of the ideas that emerge inside the company to improve and care for them, creating a new thinking model that allows the renewal of traditional concepts to approach exponential thinking.


Understanding and strengthening a clear concept for Alpina about exponential thinking inside and outside the organization was the starting point for the project. Based on its definition and the (10) ten guiders of exponential growth, it was possible to understand the functioning of Alpina and find (04) four key guiders to intervene and bring the company closer to its objective, think exponentially.

_Lineal Thinking

Sequential logic, step by step, in one direction and progressively.

_Exponential Thinking

Constant evaluation and innovation, branched, with multiple solutions and in an active way.


Spaces to act and think freely and autonomously, where the communication of ideas is multidisciplinary and decentralized.


Incentives and practices that allow obtaining positive feedback cycles, for the improvement of the organization and its products.


Quick experimentation covering ideas and processes, risk-taking, failures and constant feedback.


Real-time information can be adaptable and understandable by all those belonging to the organization.


UAPI seeks to encourage the production and construction of ideas through the interaction, help, and articulation of different areas inside Alpina. It provides a place to discover new ideas and when all knowledge comes together for all employees.


It establishes a “Fast Track” that allows the reduction of creation steps when bringing new ideas to the company.


Reinterpret the regular channel in the development of an idea, providing regard to ideas with a high exponential value.


Allow listen to all employees, give them the importance and make them feel part of Alpina.


It encourages intergroup and inter-group work so that the human capital is from Alpina and not from a particular area.


Make information available to everyone in the company. The knowledge is from Alpina and not from a particular area.


Creation of a repository of ideas that provides Alpina a database to develop ideas.


The innovation analyst need to understand the company and the team members of each area. He should be responsible for encouraging and motivate the development of projects based on some ideas of the workers. He must be charismatic, sociable and impartial. In the studies field, it is recommended that know of organizations, strategy, and innovation. As part of her role as an analyst, they should see the positive side of the ideas proposed.



Any Alpina employee has an idea and calls UAPI to present it.


The analyst decides if the idea is considered a priority or not. The decision is delivered based on the pillars and sub pillars of Alpina.


The analyst schedules a meeting with specialists from each area to program a co-creation session.


Realize a co-creation session to strengthen and improve the initial idea with people reached in stage three.


Each area involved in the idea should look for positive and propositive aspects in a report that show aspects and be purposeful against the conception and its possible improvements..


The author of the idea decides how it will be established based on the projections. All the documents produced are stored in databases available for all the employees in Alpina.


The information is compiled in a general report that is also performed by a visual presentation.


For the materialization of ideas is proposed: Infographics, videos, presentations, etc.


The entire research process starts with a sincere motivation to show traditional organizations in Colombia the value of design as an innovation and change agent in the internal processes. Part of the success of the process was to understand the company and its employees (Alpinistas) and contrast their motivations and aspirations to get deep insights into why Apina inhabits vertical thinking.

_Vertical companies.

Different guided tours show company problems because they kept under a vertical structure that blocks ideas from coming together between areas in the company.

_Understanding exponential thinking.

Understand how the organization work and the employees' perception of exponential growth was decisive for the development of the proposal..

_Employees are priority.

Although employees are workers or managers, all have meaningful ideas that can improve the company.

_A new reasoning in the organization.

Let Alpina understand that there are new ways to approach innovation by focusing on the care of its employees and their ideas.